Sunday, January 16, 2011

Half Past Midnight: Better Late Than Never

The vampire that was 2010 has been staked in the heart; its ashes scattered into the wind. Now that the creature is no more, we now turn our attention to 2011 with immense anticipation. On Halloween of 2011 we will release Half Past Midnight, a tabletop game that is a love note to the horror genre. It has been a project that has truly been over twenty years in the making.

Decades ago HPM was a game made during a childhood summer with a friend of mine, Justin Blevins, who is also my cohort in this ventire, and like a monster that refuses to die the game has found its way back to the living.  The story of the game's origins and roots is one that I plan to share with you in the months to come.  It truly is a something that was made as a love letter to the horror genre and now, many years later, we are putting a bit of elecrticity through it, bringing back to life for the 21st century where we hope it will find its fans.

The goal for us to is to release the game on Halloween 2011 as both a paperback and a downloadable ebook version.  We have tons of ideas and goodies planned in terms of the game itself and what we can offer with the help of new media.

So stick around and check back as we continue to speed down this new road and update this blog about the current stages of the game's developement and hopefully make a few new friends in the process who will dig what we are doing.

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